PromptPerfect Review: Create Better Prompts Automatically

The PromptPerfect review

Prompt optimization is the iterative process of refining an existing prompt to get the desired high-quality outputs from Large Language Models (LLMs).

Generating high-quality output from models like ChatGPT through manual prompting can be challenging and time-consuming.

In fact, it is often the case that when we receive a low-quality output from ChatGPT or any other model, we tend to attribute the blame to the model itself.

ChatGPT Bicycle Meme
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And that’s where prompt engineering comes into play.

Due to all the surrounding buzz, I really wanted to learn and understand prompt engineering and the art of generating good prompts, but I had two prerequisites:

  • The learning method should require minimal active involvement on my part.
  • There should be no coding involved.

That’s when I discovered PromptPerfect, the first and by far, the most promising multimodal auto prompt optimizer tool.

Whether you are a prompt engineer, a generative artist (content creator), or an AI developer, I recommend checking out this PromptPerfect review as I break down its key features, benefits, flaws, and more.

What Is PromptPerfect?

PromptPerfect is an automatic prompt optimizer (by Jina AI) that supports various text-based and diffusion-based Large Language Models.


You can think of it as a full-stack prompt engineer.

PromptPerfect supports popular models such as ChatGPT, GPT4, Midjourney, and many more.

PromptPerfect Multimodel LLM support

And that is not even close to the best part!

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is effortless to get started with, although it does have a slight learning curve if you want to benefit from all the features.

For starters, all you need to do is provide an existing prompt, select the LLM you want to optimize the prompt for, and hit enter.

Simple prompt optimization in PromptPerfect

The result is an optimized prompt that is more nuanced and detailed, and covers almost everything you might have overlooked.

Optimized prompt

That’s a complete metamorphosis from a mere 31 words existing prompt to a 200-words optimized prompt.

What you see above was prompt engineering on autopilot, and PromptPerfect is designed to streamline prompt engineering and optimize prompts for improved results.

SIDENOTE: As of writing this, PromptPerfect is available only as a web app. And I recommend using it on a desktop computer rather than mobile devices for better user experience.

Now that you know what PromptPerfect is and what it does, let’s look at how to get your hands on it.

Getting Started with PromptPerfect

Optimizing your first prompt with PromptPerfect is easy and quick. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to guide you:

Step 1. After creating a free account and logging into PromptPerfect, you will be asked to choose from the 3 different prompt engineering modes. For simplicity, we will begin with Beginner mode, which allows you to optimize your prompt with a single click in under 10 seconds.

Choosing Prompt Engineering Modes in PromptPerfect

Step 2. In the text box provided, enter your prompt. For now, I will select ChatGPT as the language model and leave out any add-ons (more on that later).

Enter your original prompt

Step 3. Once you have entered your prompt, click on the “Optimize” button or press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to proceed with prompt optimization.

Step 4. PromptPerfect will start optimizing your prompt using AI prompt engineering techniques. The duration of this process may vary depending on the complexity of your prompt and the server’s processing speed.

Once the optimization is complete, the optimized prompt will be displayed on your screen.

Optimized prompt example

Step 5. If you are satisfied with the optimized prompt, you can copy and share it or even download it as a PNG image.

Different prompt sharing and downloading options

If you wish to explore more examples or experiment with different prompts, you can scroll down the page to find the “Try some examples” section. This section provides pre-defined prompts that can serve as starting points or sources of inspiration.

Multimodel prompt examples

SIDENOTE: It’s important to note that generating each prompt consumes credits. For example, generating a ChatGPT prompt without using any add-ons costs 1 credit. Credit usage may vary depending on the model and add-ons you choose (more on that in the pricing section).

The efficiency of any prompt can be measured by the outputs generated by the LLM.

Let’s take the example of the output PromptPerfect generated for us and see how it performs in ChatGPT.

Optimized vs. Non-optimized Prompt: Differences in ChatGPT Results

To evaluate the effectiveness of ChatGPT’s response, I compared the original prompt I created with the optimized prompt.

Here is the output generated by ChatGPT (GPT 3.5 model) for the original prompt:

ChatGPT output for original prompt

And here is the output generated by ChatGPT for the prompt optimized by PromptPerfect:

ChatGPT output for optimized prompt

Interesting insights?
Upon comparison, there are notable differences between the two prompts, despite both effectively providing me with Steve Jobs’ daily schedule:

AttributeOriginal PromptOptimized Prompt
Starting paragraphBegins with a generic introduction, “As an AI language model…”Has a highly personalized introduction
Writing style and toneEmulates a third person perspective (TPP)Emulates a first person perspective, making it seem like Steve Jobs is speaking directly
Overall qualityComparatively generic outputBetter than originial prompt output

SIDENOTE: The differences in output quality may vary depending on the topic, prompt details, and included keywords, among other factors.

As you can see, PromptPerfect has a wide range of use cases.

Speaking of use cases, creating optimized prompts and selling them on a marketplace or creating a “500+ ChatGPT prompts playbook” and selling it on Gumroad is not the best use of this amazing tool.

Who Is PromptPerfect For?

PromptPerfect offers a variety of real-life use cases for different groups of people. Here are some examples:

  • Content Creation: Content creators such as bloggers, writers, and social media influencers can use PromptPerfect to generate high-quality, engaging, and unique content ideas.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Marketers and advertisers can leverage PromptPerfect to develop compelling copy, slogans, and advertising campaigns.
  • Product Development: Entrepreneurs and product developers can utilize PromptPerfect to ideate and refine their product concepts.
  • Market Research and Analysis: Market researchers can benefit from PromptPerfect by generating diverse and insightful prompts for surveys, focus groups, and data collection.
  • Consulting and Coaching: PromptPerfect can be a valuable tool for consultants and coaches who offer guidance and support in various domains.
  • Educational Resources: Teachers, trainers, and e-learning content creators can make use of PromptPerfect to generate optimized prompts for educational materials.
  • AI Model Development: AI developers and researchers can employ PromptPerfect to optimize prompts for training and fine-tuning large language models.

In summary, if you are someone who likes to interact with AI and succeed while doing so, PromptPerfect can be of great assistance.

Now is the perfect time to explore all of its useful features.

PromptPerfect Features

State-of-the-art multimodal prompting

As PromptPerfect is a multimodal auto-prompt generator, it allows you to optimize prompts for the latest state-of-the-art large language models.

At the time of writing, the following is a list of text and image models that PromptPerfect supports:

ChatGPTA very famous AI language model by OpenAI.
GPT-4The latest version and the upgrade to the existing GPT 3 & GPT 3.5 model by OpenAI.
StableLM 7bNew text-based model by Stability AI.
ClaudeNext-generation AI assistant by Anthropic.
CommandGenerative model by Cohere.
JinaChatLLM service by Jina AI, the company that created PromptPerfect. Supports multimodal inputs.
GPT 3Third iteration of the GPT series by OpenAI (text-davinci-003).
Dall-E 2Image model by OpenAI.
Stable DiffusionImage model by Stability AI.
MidJourneyPopular image model by an independent research lab, runs on Discord.
Kandinsky 2.1Multi-language input image model by Sber AI.
LexicaAka Lexica Aperture, generates realistic looking photographs (ideal for faces, portraits, etc).

SIDENOTE: The versions as well as names of these large language models are subject to change due to rapid development and updates that regularly take place.

So, what does all of this mean?

You can optimize your prompts for all these different models.

Even better, with the Arena feature, you can compare the output side by side.

Here’s how:

1. From the left menu bar, go to Arena.

PromptPerfect Arena

2. Select all the models you want to compare the output for.

enabling different models to compare output

3. Decide whether to turn on prompt optimization for all the outputs (I will keep it off).

Enabling prompt optimization in Arena

4. Enter your prompt and hit enter. Within a few seconds, you will see the outputs of all the selected models.

Multimodel output comparison

You will also be able to determine the speed of each model by the time it takes to generate output. Besides each model, you will see exactly how much time it took to give you the output.

Claude output speed

So far, so good!

Multilingual prompt input

Fortunately, PromptPerfect is not limited to accepting input and providing outputs only in English. This is where the add-ons come into play.

In the add-ons, head over to Language section and enable Auto prompt language.

Auto prompt language

By selecting this, you can ensure that the optimized prompt will be in the same language as the original input prompt.

If you want to generate an optimized prompt in a specific language, PromptPerfect offers a wide range of language options to choose from.

Set optimized prompt language

Now, let’s talk about the add-ons.

There are several tweaks you can make to manipulate the quality of the output you receive.

For example, enabling the “Before/After Preview” add-on displays the output of both the original prompt and the optimized prompt, allowing you to compare them side by side.

Similarly, the “Variable Substitution” add-on is helpful for creating a prompt template. To store a value in a variable, you can use [variable] or $variable in your prompt.

Variable substitution

Additionally, there are add-ons available to improve the quality of the prompt.

You can shorten the optimized prompt, enhance the quality (conditionally), and even adjust the optimization strength (higher values mean better quality but may take more time to generate).

Improve prompt's quality in PromptPerfect

Few-shot prompts

Few-shot prompting is a technique that enables models to perform specific tasks with only a few examples or prompts as training, resulting in desired outcomes.

To create a new few-shot prompt, click on the “CREATE NEW PROMPT” button.

Creating a new few-shot prompt

Provide instructions: The first step is to provide instructions for the task you want the model to perform. Think of it as the original prompt that needs optimization.

Few-shot prompt instructions

Add more context through examples: Next, provide relevant examples to train the model and obtain the desired output.

Few-shot prompt examples

Add target task: Finally, add the target task in the same format. The target task is the question or desired outcome that needs to be answered.

Target task in few-shot prompt

That’s it!

Now, select your model and click on View output. Within a few seconds, you will see the output of the few-shot prompt on the right.

Few-shot prompt final results

What’s more, you can use this prompt as a service and access it through your third-party applications. This is good news for developers!

Create prompt as a service

Once you deploy the service, you will have access to cURL, JavaScript, and Python code for further usage.

API usage

Reverse prompt engineering

With PromptPerfect, you can also create prompts from images.

Head over to the main prompt creation dashboard and select your preferred image model. Toggle the button shown below to enable this feature:

Prompt engineering from images

Next, you will be prompted to upload the image you want to reverse engineer for a prompt.

The result will include both the original prompt and an optimized version created from the image.

Reverse prompt engineering

Not bad!

These are some of the features that make PromptPerfect stand out from the rest.

With its user-friendly interface and ability to solve complex problems in a simplistic manner, PromptPerfect truly dispels any doubts I previously had about interacting with artificial intelligence in a better way.

Now, let’s discuss pricing.

PromptPerfect Pricing

PromptPerfect offers various pricing plans for users to access its prompt optimization services.

PromptPerfect Pricing

The Free plan provides 20 credits, allowing you to improve 20 prompts.

For more credits and additional features, you can choose the “Lite” plan, priced at $9.99 per month. With the Lite plan, you receive 100 credits every month. It also grants you access to PromptPerfect through an API.

Furthermore, there are Standard and Max plans available at $39.99/month (providing 500 credits) and $99.99/month (offering 2000 credits) respectively.

SIDENOTE: You can also earn extra credits by unlocking achievements, such as a daily login, which serve as reward for using PromptPerfect. The more achievements you unlock, the more credits you can earn.

Further Perplexity Questions

PromptPerfect uses AI prompt engineering techniques to refine existing prompts and make them more effective. It analyzes the prompt and applies optimizations to make it more nuanced, personalized, and comprehensive, leading to better outputs from AI models.

PromptPerfect supports various text and image-based LLMs, including popular models like ChatGPT, GPT4, Midjourney, and more. It is designed to work with a range of state-of-the-art large language models.

Yes, PromptPerfect can be used for both text prompts and image prompts. It allows the creation of prompts from images, providing an optimized prompt based on the uploaded image. It also supports prompt optimization for text-based prompts.

Using PromptPerfect for prompt engineering offers several benefits. It simplifies the process of refining prompts, saves time and effort, and improves the quality of outputs from AI models. It also offers features like reverse prompt engineering, few-shot prompts, and multi-model support, expanding the possibilities for prompt optimization.

Yes, PromptPerfect supports multi-language prompts. It offers language options to choose from and can optimize prompts in different languages. It also has an auto prompt language feature that ensures the optimized prompt is in the same language as the original input prompt.

Yes, PromptPerfect provides an API for data access and integration. Users with the Lite plan or higher can access PromptPerfect through the API and use it as a service in their third-party applications. The API supports CURL, JavaScript, and Python code for further integration.

Yes, it does support bulk prompt optimization by directly importing the CSV file.

Conclusion: Become A Better Prompt Engineer Faster

In all honesty, PromptPerfect is a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes prompt engineering for Large Language Models (LLMs) like never before.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, PromptPerfect empowers you to optimize prompts effortlessly and unlock the full potential of AI-generated outputs.

Whether you’re a prompt engineer, generative artist, AI developer, marketer, product developer, market researcher, consultant, educator, or anyone who interacts with AI, PromptPerfect offers a wide range of use cases and benefits.

While there may be a slight learning curve for advanced features, the overall experience of using PromptPerfect is streamlined and efficient, saving valuable time and effort in prompt engineering.

Stop waiting and become a better prompt engineer today!

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