“I help individuals and businesses use generative AI to innovate and make progress.”

My Story

Kid Dhruvir Zala

I grew up in a small village in Gujarat, India, that felt worlds away from the tech hubs I read about.

While my friends dreamt of moving to big cities, I was content exploring our family farms and landscapes.

Quietly, though, I nurtured a fascination with technology’s potential to connect and empower people.

And I believe it’s because I got lucky to have received a personal computer in the fifth grade. It was a big deal for us back then.

It helped me roam places, in Grand Theft Auto, of course 😆. But more importantly, it helped me learn better and faster.

This curiosity led me to marketing and business studies after high school (I did a BBA Hons. in Marketing). I was eager to learn how human needs shape technology, and vice versa.

Surprisingly enough, it was during a friendly conversation with a B.tech friend at the university cafeteria that something clicked.

My cafeteria discussions

He told me how he was working on a machine learning project as his final year dissertation. The project was about sentiment analysis of specific political Twitter tweets. And the way he explained it to me, it was pure inspiration.

He even encouraged me to learn machine learning and pursue projects geared towards Agritech that would help my father, who manages farms.

From that moment on, I knew I wanted to learn and tell others about how these technologies are changing society.

My childhood wonder fused with a new sense of purpose. Soon after, my blog was born.

Why I’m So Passionate About This Work

I believe we’re living through a technology renaissance – an exciting time when innovations like AI have huge potential to transform society.

We’re already seeing AI deliver real benefits, from helping doctors diagnose diseases to allowing artists to create in new ways (with technology like generative AI).

I created this blog because I want to dig into both the promise and challenges of AI in an honest, thoughtful way.

I want to help businesses make informed choices by giving unbiased reviews and analysis of generative AI tools.

My Work and Research Process

I take accuracy and objectivity seriously in my reviews.

When analyzing a new tool or platform, I always use it extensively to understand its key features and capabilities firsthand.

I test integrations, explore use cases, and interact with customer support when needed—getting the full end-user experience.

Along the way, I consult academic papers, industry reports, and expert perspectives to gauge what others in the field say.

At this research stage, tools like Elicit, Perplexity AI, etc. are of huge help. (Again, all these software are AI-equipped. Sweet coincidence).

I want my reviews rooted in rigorous research from multiple authoritative sources, not just my own limited trials.

Finally, I combine my hands-on findings, secondary research, and insights to create reviews that are comprehensive and balanced.

I want to make content that helps businesses with AI solutions that fit their needs.

Why Trust Me?

Dhruvir Zala fan of Steve Jobs 1
Tried to dress like Steve Jobs, but failed miserably 🙂

As an independent blogger, my reviews are never swayed by outside interests. To be transparent, I disclose any biases, relationships, or conflicts that may be relevant. You can count on me to always be honest.

More importantly, I have a genuine passion for this subject. I love discovering how technology can empower people and organizations when thoughtfully applied.

And I’m committed to keeping learning, questioning assumptions, and updating my understanding over time.

Outside Interests

Dhruvir Zala with a horse named Lalit

Outside blogging, I recharge through nature, Stoic philosophy, and storytelling. I also like listening to podcasts that involve Andrew Huberman and Chris Williamson. I make time to visit the farms and breathe fresh village air.

I also like to research and learn more about indoor farming (super optimistic) and longevity.

Contact Information

I don’t use Instagram, and no, I have never used Snapchat, nor do I have any intention of using it in the future. However, if you need to contact me, you can reach out to me at—contact@dhruvirzala.com

Stay hard,
Dhruvir Zala