Afforai Coupon Code — Get 10% off on Your First Payment


When you use the coupon code DHRUVIR at checkout, you get a 10% discount on your first payment for Afforai.

So instead of paying full price, you save 10% on whichever plan you choose.

About Afforai

It’s an AI-powered research assistant and reference manager that helps you organize, understand, and chat with your academic papers.

Unlike traditional tools that just store your PDFs, Afforai lets you have actual conversations with your research using advanced AI.

Here are some of the coolest features that make Afforai stand out:

  • Chat with your documents using AI. Upload papers and ask questions like you’re talking to a super-smart research buddy.
  • Find new papers easily with the “Semantic Scholar Mode.” It searches through 200 million peer-reviewed papers using plain English queries.
  • Access top-notch AI models like GPT-4 and Claude to power your research conversations.
  • Take smart notes with Afforai Notebooks. Highlight text, add sticky notes, and ask AI to explain tricky parts right in the document.
  • Collaborate seamlessly by sharing folders and inviting team members to your workspace.

Who is it best for?

Pretty much anyone knee-deep in academic research—students, professors, scientists, or just curious folks who love diving into scholarly papers.

As for pricing, you can get started totally free to test it out.

The free plan gives you 20 daily AI queries, 500 MB of storage, and access to standard AI models.

But I recommend the Student plan at $4.99/month (or $3.99/month billed annually) if you qualify. For non-students, the Professional plan at $9.99/month ($7.99/month annually) is solid.

If you’re a research paper hoarder like me, the Unlimited plan at $19.99/month ($16.99/month annually) with unlimited storage is a lifesaver.